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Welcome to the 2017 Directory of
New Jersey Produce Growers!

  • Finally there is a way to locate the fresh fruits and vegetables produced here in the Garden State.

  • Whether you are interested in wholesale or if you are a retail consumer of fresh produce, this directory is for you.

  • You may be a restaurant, supermarket, vendor, homeowner, or other farmer that needs to find something special to fill a one time need, or you may be looking for a regular supplier of volumes of product.

  • Search by a particular product or check out what your favorite farmer has planted this year. If you are new to the area, locate farms in your town to purchase directly from.

  • Review this information with your own needs in mind. Individual retail shoppers should be careful to see whether retail sales are available before calling or traveling to the farm.

We hope this Directory helps you to enjoy all the 
bountiful harvest the Garden State has to offer.


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